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Kalka - Luxury Home Builders Brisbane

Our Difference

Breathe Design

We live and breathe design

Passion for Great Design

Kalka was born out of a love and passion for great design.

We believe that living in a truly well designed home enhances the lives of those within. Our homes were the first of their kind bringing achievable architecturally designed luxury homes to the market.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to build with Kalka again. It was such an easy construction and an easy, pleasant experience.”


Queensland centric design

Queensland Centric Design
  • Sun 283 Days of sunshine in Brisbane
  • Thermometer 26°C Average temperature

Kalka homes are inspired by our enviable Queensland climate and a relaxed way of living.

All our designs feature generous ceiling heights to create lighter more open spaces and seamless connections between the indoors and outdoors.

We love the open plan that allows us to combine the inside with the outside and feel like we are making the best of all areas in the house.


Bridging the gap

Kalka Kalka

Thoughtful design, high level of inclusions and expert craftsmanship mean our homes bridge the gap between traditional construction and fully bespoke architectural homes. Our homes have the highest level of finishes and inclusions as a base standard that you will find on the market.

“If you put a Kalka home on a Queensland block, you’ll get a very good investment response”

The ability to customise

The ability to customise


Through our unique building process we take the time to truly understand how you and your family want to live in your home. This enables us to work with you to shape and customise your home design to best fit your lifestyle and your needs.


Through our drive to develop a better way to build for our clients we’ve developed a unique process you won’t find with any other home builders in Brisbane.

Our extended consultation phase enables us to develop a more complete picture of your build budget before we even go to site. Through this transparency we’re reducing client’s stress along with assuring budgets which provides certainty.

  1. Phase 1 Initial meeting
  2. Phase 2 Initial plans and client services
  3. Phase 3 Interior design selections
  4. Phase 4 Final plans
Breathe Design

Higher resale value


Kalka homes consistently outperform market values on resale and add significant capital growth to the owner. Over the past four years capital gains to Kalka properties sold have averaged an increase of 21%

Breathe Design

The best people and the best service


Kalka is made up of a team of fun, vibrant people who are passionate about upholding our company values. We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality, exceptional workmanship and providing customer service that is second to none.

Breathe Design

Having the best people doing jobs they love makes certain our clients will get the best possible outcomes when building with us. We strive to reduce stress by ensuring open and personalised communication throughout the construction process.