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Kalka - Narrow and Small Lot Homes Brisbane


Narrow + Sloping Sites

We have a proven track record working with challenging sites

The perfect location for your home may not always be the most straightforward build site.

Steep, narrow and challenging sites present a new set of considerations for not only the design of your home, but also the build process. Planning overlays, soil profiles, fill requirements and engineering are all key considerations. As small lot homes specialists, we take any hassle and confusion out of the process by managing your entire journey.

We specialise in designing and building small and narrow lot homes

We have small and narrow lot house plans to suit blocks of all shapes and sizes.

Building on small, narrow or unusual shaped blocks no longer needs to be a hassle or a source of stress with our small lot homes. Brisbane ’s inner-city blocks often present a building challenge, but with the right small lot home designs and builders, designing and building your dream home in the ideal location is now a viable option.