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Luxury Custom Home Builders

We know you're busy 

Your time is valuable, and your free time should be spent having fun with family and friends.

This is part of why we've simplified our building process - so that you understand every stage of the journey and leave the building of your dream home up to us.

Our process isn't like any other you'll find among luxury, custom home builders in Brisbane, or anywhere in Queensland. Our thorough and detailed approach from the outset ensures you get the most personalised building experience as well as transparency throughout the whole process. 

Pretty straightforward? That's what building a luxury home should be.



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Initial Project Estimate

We make building your family home easy throughout our whole process. 

To kick things off, you'll meet with one of our New Home Consultants, and they'll do their best to understand exactly what you want from your luxury home, custom build, house design and what features you need to make this your dream home. They'll visit your block of land and help you to determine the best home design for your block. The consultant will detail your new home assessment, budgets and requirements. After you approve the quote for your new home, your paperwork will be finalised and sent to the office.

Concepts + Preliminary Process

The second stage of our process involves investigation and design.

We provide you with personalised,  custom home building services where we work with you to understand your new home dreams and marry your ideas to your chosen block. For every new home,  from either our luxury portfolio or one that we custom build, house blocks will vary in size and soil condition. A number of tests on your block to determine your soil's reactivity, assess the contours, location of services and determine any eventual obstacles. 

After this, you'll be introduced to your personal Client Services Officer (CSO) who will assist you through the remainder of your home building experience. Your CSO will present your preliminary plans and preliminary tender for review. 



Interior design & selections

To firm up the final contract and price, our interior design team take you through the colour selection and design process.

At this meeting, you'll have the opportunity to select all of the colours, finishes and fixtures for your new home. This is where you can bring your Pinterest boards and Instagram inspiration and our team of expert designers will work with you to bring your vision to life.

You'll then receive your colour tender as well as both development and covenant approvals, if they're required. 



Contract + Administration

After all amendments have been finalised to personalise your custom home building project, your contract plans will be completed and presented to you for signing. 

After this, our office will lodge all council applications and we will receive your building approval. We will also complete your final construction drawings and order all products, which marks the beginning of the construction process. Our extensive experience as custom-homes builders ensures you will enjoy a stress-free experience throughout the entire process. 



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At this stage in the home building process, you will meet your home builder Site Supervisor who will oversee the entire construction of your new home. 

During this meeting, your Site Supervisor will outline the personalised construction program for your home and will be available to discuss the process and any questions that you may have.

The following earth and site work stages represent the key milestones of your HIA contract. 


Pool shell

Our streamlined luxury house designs and our custom home building services ensure every element of your vision is taken care of. 

If your new home design includes a pool, we will start with that. Access to the site becomes a little restricted once the building commences - particularly if you're building on a narrow or sloping inner-city block.


Base / slab

The slab is the first major tangible part of the home building process.

Before any work can commence, a number of pre-pour processes need to be carried out. Watch our slab stage video for more detail.

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After the slab has been poured and the site has been cleared and levelled, we are ready to start framing.

The size and complexity of the build will determine the type of framing used - either steel or timber framing. There are two types available in timber framing; pre-nailed framing and stick framing. 

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Roof + Roughin

At this stage of the custom home building process, we will have received Form 16 from the certifier, which allows us to proceed past the frame stage, triggering the fitting of the roof onto the structure.

All electrical pre-wiring and initial plumbing and pipework will also be completed at this stage. 

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Once the roof and roughin have been completed, we are able to enclose the home.

This is when all of the external cladding is fixed to the home and the external windows and doors are installed, allowing the home to be locked up. This part of the home building process has a number of stages, which usually span over a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the home. 

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With your luxury new home now enclosed, it is time for the internal components of your home to be fitted and fixed in position. 

This includes architraves, cabinets, internal doors, flooring, shower trays and tiling. 

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Practical completion

At this stage in the home building process, our expert team of new home builders are working towards practical completion.

This includes the installation of your carpet, tapware, mirrors and blinds, among other items for your home to be deemed practically complete. We will conduct an Independent Quality Assurance Inspection and your Site Supervisor will meet you to walk you through your home. In compliance with your HIA contract, all plans and specifications — including all statutory requirements to the building work — are complete at this stage. 

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Handover + Maintenance

Upon completion of the construction program, the Site Supervisor will hold a handover meeting where they will hand over the keys to your luxury new home.

During this meeting, they will take you through the details on how to care for your property so that it remains an investment for years to come. We’re dedicated to customer service, and our team works to ensure you are completely satisfied with your home, long after handover. As one of the most trusted custom homes builders in South East Queensland, we offer twelve-month maintenance inspections along with a six-year structural warranty.

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