What happens after handover?

What happens after handover?

Kalka's key values are quality, integrity, innovation, great design and exceptional service. We continuously try to improve and our current focus is our strengthening our exceptional service more and more.

We are excited to announce that we employed Tim Sharples a few months ago, our Maintenance Officer. Tim will be solely focused on maintaining and repairing any minor items within the 12 month maintenance period.

Focus on the customer journey

We are highly focused on the customer journey – creating a positive and smooth experience for the client throughout the building process and after handover. This takes the pressure off the client during the hectic and sometimes stressful and enables them to enjoy the build of their dream home.

Aftercare is key

In order to maintain this positive experience for the customer and underpin our focus on quality, we are always looking to improve. We understand minor items may occur and we are aiming to handle this in the best way possible. That’s why we have decided to extend our customer journey by employing a Maintenance Officer who focuses only on aftercare – making sure the client is looked after also when their home is built and they have moved in.

Tim's experience

Tim has gained experience in the field of maintenance as an apprentice carpenter, repairing and maintaining various government buildings in Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs. He further strengthened his skills while working as a tradesperson on new dwellings, for homebuilding companies and renovation and extension specialists.

Tim: ‘I take high pride in quality and like to see 100% client satisfaction with the work that I have performed.’

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