The latest fashion essential in your home

The latest fashion essential in your home

So what is it? Well... Of course it is the rimless toilet! This latest innovative design is an absolute MUST HAVE in any new home. That’s right, out with the ol’ dunny and in with the Mr Roca - the creator of the original rimless toilet design!

I hear you ask, what on earth is a rimless toilet? It is everything you have been dreaming of, of course! You no longer have a rim... or gaps... or angles! So no more hidden surprises lurking beneath, to discover! Are you sick of your conventional toilet not distributing water evenly up under that rim when flushing and leaving behind a trail of mass destruction? No fear, with the rimless toilet the water has access to the entire inner perimeter when flushed and there is NO rim, so no hidden surprises!


The Gap Rimless toilet from Roca. Image: Reece 

So if there is no rim, how does it work? No longer will water pour down around the perimeter of the bowl like a conventional toilet. With its simple yet ingenious design, just one big flush at the back of the pan is needed. The water is distributed evenly around the pan with force to give the entire bowl a thorough and efficient clean - leaving it sparkling!

You said less water? Yes that’s right… you heard correctly! The Roca Gap Rimless Toilet only uses a 3 litres or 4.5 litres flush system!

Why do you need a rimless toilet in your new home? Do I need to even tell you how much the rimless toilet will improve your life?! I mean, who really wants to spend any more time than needed with their head halfway down a toilet cleaning it. I believe NO ONE! With this revolutionary design, the rimless toilet requires minimal cleaning, making it super quick and easy. And did I mention hygiene? Without a rim, this is hygiene at its finest. So hang up the duck and put your feet up!

So which rimless toilet do Kalka include with their homes? To see Kalka's rimless toilet of choice, take a look at the ORIGINAL rimless toilet by Roca here.