The Benefits of Knockdown + Rebuild

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The Benefits of Knockdown + Rebuild

Sometimes the perfect block already has a home on it. However, with knockdown and rebuild, you are able to create your dream home, right on this very block. There are general assumptions made about this approach, but it can actually be a more cost-effective way to getting the home you want when you compare it to renovating or purchasing an established home altogether. Below are some of the benefits of knockdown and rebuild (KDRB).


Benefit One: Costs

While there are significant costs associated with KDRB (you are knocking down an old home and building a brand new one after all), these will be finalised and confirmed prior to construction commencing. And because you already own the land, these costs will only be related to the demolition and build itself. This typically ends up being a more cost-effective option than, for example, purchasing an established home. In that circumstance, you end up paying for both the house and the land, as well as other associated costs such as stamp duty, legal and real estate fees, building and pest inspections, etc.

Alternatively, if you choose to renovate, you will need to factor in design and labour costs, materials, permits and inspection costs among other things which will vary based on the scale of renovation that you are looking to do. There are generally a lot of unforeseen costs that pop up as a renovation takes place too. As you are making alterations to an existing home that has typically been built some time ago, you won’t really know the full extent of the work that needs to be done until construction has started. There can be issues relating to structure and foundations, asbestos, and electric work or plumbing that arise and contribute to unplanned costs.


Benefit Two: Location

What happens if you already live in your dream suburb but don't love your home as much as you used to? Or perhaps your family has outgrown your current home? If you are not willing to compromise in location, then finding a new home and one that you love in a specific area could prove to be difficult. The benefit of KDRB is that there tends to be minimal disruption to your life in the long run.

Apart from the period where you are required to relocate while your new home is being built, you will be able to remain in your beloved community that is familiar to you. Have a favourite café or love your local gym? That won’t need to change. Are there work opportunities in your area or is your commute pretty seamless from where you reside? That won’t need to change either. Or perhaps you have children at school? There will be no need to uproot their lives and change their education provider if you decide to knockdown + rebuild either.

If you’re hooked on your location, KDRB seems like a bit of a no brainer, really.


Benefit Three: Home Design

One of the biggest benefits of KDRB is that it allows to create your dream home – from the floor plan to façade and finishes, and from colours to inclusions and everything else in between. Compared to renovating or purchasing a home elsewhere, there are no limitations to floor plan design or any existing structural related matters. You essentially have a blank canvas to build a home that meets your needs, lifestyle, budget. When you build with Kalka, you can select from one of our new home designs and customise it to fit your lifestyle, or you can start from scratch and work with our team to create a custom home, designed specifically for you and your block.

KDRB also provides the opportunity to build a home that adopts a more sustainable approach through practises that reduce your carbon emissions and electricity costs such as the selection of building materials used, and the inclusion of solar and cross-flow ventilation throughout the home, for example. Going down this route also means that you will have a home that is built to meet the most recent building codes and industry standards. We offer a 25-year guarantee on all of our builds so that you can be assured that when you build with Kalka, your new home will remain an investment for years to come.


We are here to help you and will take any hassle and confusion out of the knockdown and rebuild journey. While we do not conduct the demolition ourselves, we can put you in touch with our trusted and reliable suppliers, and then we will manage the rest of the process for you – from site evaluation, to design, colour selections and construction, right through to the day we handover the keys to your new home. We are in fact experts in dealing with inner-city KDRB projects and the majority of our work is on narrow blocks and sloping sites. Being a Brisbane born and bred builder, we know the typical lot sizes around the city and have a plethora of floor plans designed for this specifically. 


Want to learn more about KDRB? Enquire and speak with a New Home Consultant here.