The Battle of the Rooms: Kitchen vs Bathroom

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The Battle of the Rooms: Kitchen vs Bathroom

For years the kitchen has been rated the most important room in the home as it is typically somewhere that you spend a lot of time – either preparing food, acting as a gathering point for a family to reflect and debrief on the day just been, or as an entertaining space when you have friends and family over. Because of this, a significant amount of time and effort is always put into layout and functionality when it comes to the kitchen in a new home design and a lot of thought goes into decisions regarding the interiors and aesthetics of this room. Crawling up the stakes in popularity in recent times however is the bathroom. So where do you stand? Does kitchen reign king or do you think the bathroom is the new ruler?

According to the latest Reece Bathrooms Industry Trends Report, 38% of respondents rated the kitchen as the room that had the most influence in the overall appeal of a home in 2021 (vs 45% in 2019). This is compared to the bathroom that received 24% of votes from respondents (vs 18% in 2019) beating off the lounge room, master bedroom and alfresco area to come in second most important.

As a new home builder, we can understand the mentality behind this shift in results. Introduce a global pandemic that resulted in limits to household visitors and a new normal with children switching to online learning as well as many businesses adopting a work from home or hybrid model. With more time being spent at home than ever, it is no wonder that some are now favouring the bathroom as the room of most importance. Creating a sanctuary to retreat to and unwind from the day, allowing for even the smallest reprieve from everyday life truly never looked so good.

We have pulled together a gallery of kitchens and bathrooms that we have built over the years to try to decide where we stand in this battle of the rooms. 











I'm sure that we can agree that both the kitchen and bathroom have strong arguments regarding their importance in the home. As a luxury home builder, we believe that both are equally as important as each other so we are going to take the road of “porque no los dos?” a.k.a “why don’t we have both”? After all, we thoughtfully design all elements within our new home designs and then allow you to customise these as part of our design consultation and colour selections process so that you end up with a home that is designed and built to meet your needs, and your lifestyle.


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