Overland flow and flooding in Brisbane, Queensland

Overland flow and flooding in Brisbane, Queensland

Overland flow is water that runs across the land after rainfall.

Land subject to overland flow or flooding require distinct considerations and variations in construction methods.

Brisbane is in a subtropical zone, which means it is prone to unexpected and intense rainfall which can cause significant amounts of surface water. Brisbane City Council has identified flood planning areas and specified unique planning provisions. These provisions are in accordance with the requirements of the State Planning Policy and ensure that the natural hazard of overland flow or flooding is considered when making development decisions. Brisbane City Council provides overlay mapping on areas affected by overland flow, the Brisbane river and also creek and waterways.


What you can do?

For existing properties

  • Ensure your roofs are connected to your drainage systems via downpipes. This will prevent it from draining in to the wastewater drainage system for your property
  • Ensure paved areas are connected to field gullies
  • Think about overland flow when adding fences, sheds or even landscaping your garden. Changing the level of the land can have serious consequences when it blocks the path of water
  • Maintain overland flow paths on your property by clearing them of blockages.

For new homes

When building a new home it’s important that minimum levels for flood protection apply as overland flow paths that are poorly managed can lead to damaged land. So if you're looking to build a new home in Brisbane what can you do? We suggest checking out Brisbane City Council's flood planning maps to see what provisions might apply to the suburb you wish to build in.

To determine compliant and suitable building options, we also provide the following services:

  • Property searches
  • Site inspection
  • Design assistance to suit planning provisions
  • Cost estimate for likely outcome
  • Assistance in obtaining hydraulic reports, if required.