Kalka Chats: New Farm Testimonial

Kalka Chats: New Farm Testimonial

Simon approached Kalka to build a new home after subdividing his New Farm property in Brisbane. Initially seeking a builder that had experience building on small and narrow lots, included high-end finishes, and offered the ability to customise, Simon was introduced to Kalka through a work colleague.

Looking for a house design to fit the short depth of his narrow lot, Simon settled on our Tully 250 and worked with our team to customise this design to achieve his intended outcomes of the build. We recently sat down with Simon to hear about his experience building with Kalka.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Is this the first home you have built and what led to your decision to build a new home?

This is the second home that I have built new and I have done a couple of renovations previously too. I had the opportunity to create a second lot by subdividing my home site in New Farm and wanted to make the most out of it by building a new home. Rather than sell the vacant land, I was encouraged to build after speaking with Kalka and experiencing a level of comfort that they would be able to deliver in a reliable and effective manner.

How did you hear about Kalka? And why did you choose to build with Kalka?

I had a work colleague that had built with Kalka before and he showed me the website. I visited one of the former display homes and had a great conversation with the team. I knew that I was on the right track from that very first conversation. It gave me the confidence that we were on the same wavelength, and the quality of finishes at the display home was exactly what I was going for. I was also satisfied that it represented good value for money.

Custom Facade by Kalka, Luxury Home Builder Brisbane

How did you find your experience building with Kalka?

I have no complaints whatsoever with any aspect of Kalka's home building process. The initial consultation gave me the confidence we were on the right track; the colour selection was expertly led by the Interior Designer who gave me some great advice around finishes; and the construction process was led wonderfully on-site by our designated Site Supervisor.  I felt very looked after at every step along the way.

You had a custom façade designed for your home? What inspired this design?

I wanted to make sure that my façade was sympathetic to the streetscape whilst also incorporating a few key elements from my initial vision – a lighter brick, natural timber, and a planter box. It is a high-visibility site and I knew that the street appeal was going to be key.


Was there anything that surprised you in the process?

I was surprised (and delighted) at how quickly the build progressed!

Were there any challenges in the process? If so, how were these overcome?

No, not really, but I found a good open line of communication kept things moving well.

What is your favourite part or feature in the house?

My favorite part of the house is the feature spine wall of brick leading down the entranceway on the beautiful polished concrete.

House Entrance with timber stairs, polished concrete flooring and brick wall feature by Kalka, Brisbane luxury home builder

Do you have any tips for people looking to build?

Having a good idea of what you want, even if that is just in concept rather than detail, really helps. Kalka are experienced luxury home builders and designers that can take concepts through to reality beautifully, but having a folder full of ideas and inspiration really helps to get your vision across so that they can bring it to life.

Also know your budget and keep a healthy wedge aside for landscaping because there’s nothing nicer than having everything done by the time you move in.

If you were to build with Kalka again, would you do anything differently?

I don’t think so – I am a very happy customer who wouldn’t change a thing.

Open plan living area by Kalka with polished concrete floor and feature lighting