Natural stone vs reconstituted stone - what is better?

Natural stone vs reconstituted stone - what is better?

Is natural stone or reconstituted stone better?

With so many options available, we thought we’d take a look at the differences between both.

Our interior designers say that for our clients, choosing benchtops is one of the most exciting parts of the design process.  Of course it’s not just about how it looks, it’s also about deciding on the right materials based on your needs practically and also your expectations around cleaning and maintenance.

Natural Stone

Natural stone benchtop in a Kalka display home kitchen

Natural stone is a beautiful feature to any home. As one of the more expensive benchtop materials available, natural stone such as marble, granite or limestone, is a material that is a statement in itself. The natural qualities and characteristics seen in natural stone add character and beauty to a space.


Natural stone is elegant, impressive and raw. It’s scratch and chip resistant and because it’s completely natural, it’s entirely unique. Natural stone can be sourced from all over the world and because of this, even though the stone may be quarried from the same place, the look will always vary and be completely personal.


Stone is porous and can stain easily, which means it will need to be regularly sealed and maintained in order to protect against damages. Natural stone can also be damaged by some general household cleaners, as well as highly acidic foods such as lemon and vinegar—so it’s important to check what’s safe before spray and wiping the surface.

For Natural Stone, Kalka sources from SNB Stone.

Reconstituted Stone

Reconstituted stone benchtop in a Kalka display home bathroom

Reconstituted stone is made up of real stone crushed down and bound with an acrylic resin to create a workable surface. Reconstituted stone is a high performance and low maintenance product that is beautifully engineered for modern living.


Reconstituted stone is a considerably lighter product than its natural counterpart. It is also easy to clean and resistant to stains, scratching, chips and cracking. To top it off, reconstituted stone is more affordable than natural stone.

Check out CaesarStone's cleaning and maintenance video. 


Reconstituted stone is manufactured in sheet sizes so there can be size limitations to what is achievable.

Kalka supplies a selection of CaesarStone and Quantum Quartz reconstituted stone.

Whether you're building brand new or renovating, our Interior Design services could be helpful with your decision making.

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