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Island bench designs for your new kitchen

Written by Kim Bridle | Sep 5, 2018 5:23:54 AM

When executed well the kitchen island bench can be a stylish, practical and functional element that adds great value to a home and the way we live and interact within it.

For a kitchen and a home, the island bench is a functional element, playing some very important roles like:
  • Practical work bench for food preparation
  • Storage for kitchen and household items
  • Benchtop for the family to eat
  • Focal piece / hero / feature of the kitchen or home
The costs and constraints of inner city living has created a trend towards smaller housing and home designs, forcing us to get smarter and more efficient with the design of our internal spaces.

Building a lot of small lot homes in Brisbane we realise the need for smart home design, addressing this with space and joinery integration.

This island bench is a combination of elegance and practicality, with the choice of stone bench tops not only complimenting the sleek, modern kitchen design, but also a practical material selection.

Built-in, concealed cabinetry maximises storage space and also reduces visual clutter, as in the example below.

The use of timber in this island bench design provides warmth and softness against the surrounding light and bright cabinetry and floors. Shelving has been added to the end of the island bench as a clever way of providing additional storage space and a place to inject some personality and visual interest by adding books or accessories

The extra depth of this island bench also allows for a comfortable combination of food preparation space and seating.

Natural stone is timeless and has been used to clad this entire island bench to create a bold, powerful, robust sculptural feature within this kitchen / home.

Its grand presence has been balanced and soften through the use of timber barstools and adjacent timber kitchen cabinetry and door frames.

Is natural stone or reconstituted stone better?

The kitchen is typically situated in a very central location of the home, so why not make it a predominate, bold feature?  The tiling of this island bench is a durable, easy to maintain material choice and the colour complements the timber selection and adjoining light, bright features of the ceiling, floors and walls. Yes, it’s bold but it’s beautiful, with a whole lot of personality!

The devil is in the detail with this interesting alternative to the classic stone waterfall end. A sculptural element that adds interest and texture without compromising on space or structural integrity.

Another great use of space that appeals to small home design and the idea of integrating different rooms of the home. This clever design incorporates bench seating to the back of the kitchen island which doubles as comfortable dining room seating. A morph of two prominent living spaces within the home.

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Kitchens and island benches are typically rectangular, square and very right angular. This island bench design brings an element of unexpected beauty by introducing a curved benchtop and a brass cylindrical pedestal. This feature allows barstool seating to be positioned on three sides of the island bench and again integrates the living, dining and kitchen.

The use of concrete for constructing buildings is not a new phenomenon however there has certainly been a rise in its application in interiors – wall, floors, benchtops etc. Typically, concrete suits a modern, minimal, brutalist style of environment. Its application in this island bench with the curved lines and sitting amongst the softness of timber takes on an elegant, majestic appearance though. The curved design also allows seating to be integrated to form a breakfast bar seat.