Is the Hamptons style right for you?

Is the Hamptons style right for you?

The Hamptons look continues to grow in popularity, particularly throughout Queensland, with gabled weatherboard, timber windows and sweeping verandas lending themselves to the style.

'It's this elegant mix of classic detail and coastal styling' said one of our senior interior designers Lisa. 'The style harks from expensive holiday homes in the likes of New York and the east end of Long Island.

Combining some very traditional design features with a more casual coastal vibe, the old world charm of the Hamptons style may or may not translate to a modern home or lifestyle, so it's important to identify which features you like about the style in order to reflect them in your new home.

Traditional white Hamptons home with in ground pool

Is it the calm colour palette of muted tones mixed with white and shades of blue? Lots of formal timber panelling to walls, doors and cabinetry? Is it the mixture of formal and informal lounges with linen upholstery, oversized, overstuffed cushions mixed with timber, wicker and rattan furniture? Or is it the formal vignettes to coffee table tops and consoles that mix up classic accessories with a beach motif? Or is it the high ceilings and large bay windows that allow a flood of natural light into the living rooms to give off a light and bright holiday feel?

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If you want to build a new home in Brisbane, with a complete Hamptons style, it should be noted that all the necessary architectural Hamptons details, such as weatherboard, gables, VJ walls and picture rails will add to your budget. These hard elements of the home will undoubtedly create the Hamptons style but if you are wanting to achieve a Hamptons look and feel without drastically adding to your budget, there are a few hints and tips below.

Hamptons replica home

We recommend choosing high ceilings. They create the illusion of more space and are a must-have in any Hamptons style home. Also worth considering is a feature room, such as the kitchen. Choosing Hamptons style elements in your kitchen will create a Hamptons look and feel in one of the most liveable spaces of a home and the others can be more simplistic. Feature VJ panelling in sections of the home is another way of achieving the Hamptons look without adding VJ to every wall in the home.

You can then fill your home with Hamptons style furniture and soft furnishings to add to the look and feel.