How we optimise our customer journey

How we optimise our customer journey

We thrive to provide a personalised build experience and make the building journey as smooth and effortless as possible. In order to maintain and improve this high level of customer service, we implemented Onsite Companion – a construction project management system connecting all activities during your build.

What does Onsite Companion do?

This project management tool, specialising on construction, is used throughout the business, providing support and structure for staff in the office and onsite. The software keeps track of a range of information during the build of the home:

  • Communication between office staff and on site staff and the client and the ability to schedule tasks for each other
  • Document information storage regarding a job in one place (eg. plans, variations, certificates, timelines, logs and notes)
  • Easy progress tracking
  • Reporting
  • Supplier information

This information is all collected in one place and is accessible to everyone in the company. This creates a single source of truth, makes information sharing incredibly simple, identifies hurdles immediately, reduces mistakes and makes it easy to track how the job is progressing.

Experience on board

To implement Onsite Companion in an efficient and structured manner, we employed Rhonda Pickering, our Systems Manager. She gained extensive company systemisation, sales and marketing experience during her 28 year business career, specifically in the construction and retail industry.

In 2012 she was hired as a Marketing Consultant for a North Brisbane based builder. Significant increase in sales led to the need to implement a system to handle the amount of construction, which was Onsite Companion. Since then, she has implemented Onsite Companion in various businesses and developed herself to become an Onsite Companion expert across all features of the program.

At Kalka, her main aim is to implement Onsite Companion in order to streamline our construction process. This implies training people internally on how to use Onsite Companion and increasing the efficiency and quality of our processes in general.

How do our clients benefit from Onsite Companion?

By implementing Onsite Companion and having Rhonda on board to oversee and manage this implementation, it streamlines the process of the build of a home, enables everyone to be on the same page through executive reporting. This enables us to identify pain points during the construction progress, which we can learn from and improve on in the future.

Continuous improvement and a high-quality build process are consequences of Onsite Companion which have the following direct benefits for our clients:

  • Build within time frames
  • Build within budget
  • Zero defects at handover
  • Enjoyable construction process

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