Start preparing now to move into your dream home by Christmas

Start preparing now to move into your dream home by Christmas

Thought about building your dream home? It might seem a little ambitious but if you want to move in by Christmas 2019 you need to start preparing now.

Building a new home can take anywhere between 8 – 12 months. Check out this article for more information on home building timeframes.

We have complied a foolproof checklist offering a general overview of our building process to help you get started.

  • Prepare a budget
  • Understand your borrowing capacity
  • Understand what houses are selling for in the area to avoid overcapitalising
  • Note the things that are important to you - the must haves in a new home
  • Note the items that are desirable but could be compromised on if necessary
  • Understand how you live in your home and the spaces that are really needed
  • Note where the breezes come from on the site
  • Are there important views to take account of from the site?
  • Are there parts of the neighbouring sites you don’t wish to see?

We always suggest speaking with a new home consultant as early as possible. There’s no obligation and they have a wealth of knowledge and can help guide you through the process towards the best solution for you and your location.

Download our simplified building process brochure to give you more of an understanding of what's involved int he process.