Much ado about the Hamptons style

Much ado about the Hamptons style

The Hamptons style home is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

So what is it about this classic American inspired style that Queenslanders are so drawn to?  We chat to our Head of Interior Design Kim Bridle to get the low down.

Tell us about a Hamptons Style Home?

This style of home is synonymous with the relaxed way of living and architecture seen on the East Coast of America, where some of the most expensive real estate in the United States can be found. The style is characterised by relaxed seaside living but presented in a very elegant, sophisticated way.

What are the key distinctive features?

  • Gabled roofs
  • Detailed timber balcony balustrade
  • Horizontal cladding
  • Simple colour palette often in classic pairings such as grey and whites, black and whites or navy and whites
  • Large window and door openings to maximise natural light
  • Discreet window treatments – shutters, sheer curtains
  • Subway wall tiling
  • Carrara stone benchtops
  • Profiled cabinet doors
  • Ornate tapware and handles
  • Detailed cornices, skirtings and architraves

Hamptons style bathroom with shower and vanity by Kalka

Why do you think Queenslanders are so drawn to this style?

It really is an elegant, timeless style – both the key architectural features as well as a ‘Hamptons’ interior scheme. Its soft, crisp colour palate perfectly complements our relaxed lifestyle and leafy streetscapes.   I actually think if you compare some of the key features of a Hampton’s style to the traditional Queenslander you will find we have not strayed too far from our roots!

To me the ‘Hampton’s style’ we are creating here at Kalka is an evolution of the traditional style, adapted to suit the modern Queensland way of life.

Hamptons style kitchen with timber floor by Kalka

How do I achieve a Hamptons style interior?

Our display home Boswell House in Manly is a great example of how you can achieve this classic style with a more contemporary and Queensland feel.  At this home we have adapted a simple, paired back style and fused it with a mixture of modern features – black accents, contemporary furniture.

Will this really add value to my home?

A beautifully executed Hampton’s style home always grabs attention in our Queensland real estate market, whether it be bayside, seaside or inner-city Brisbane and it could be fair to say that this style, when done well, could increase the value of a home.

hamptons style entry void with light by Kalka