Goodbye niche, hello shower ledge!

Goodbye niche, hello shower ledge!

It’s the age-old bathroom design question: to niche or not to niche?

Love them or hate them, we can all agree the traditional shower niche has been a practical solution to many shower woes, however we’ve been left with a feeling of outdatedness and a need for a more streamlined look in the shower.

Well the good news is, there is an alternative, and we are loving it!

Introducing the tiled shower ledge. Put simply, a tiled shower ledge is a half-height wall built into your shower, a modern and practical way to house your most-used bathroom products.

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Why do we love it? Read on for our list of reasons to embrace the tiled shower ledge.

  • With a minimal aesthetic, the tiled shower ledge has both style and practicality, and lends itself well to both modern and traditional styles.
  • Did someone say feature wall? A tiled shower ledge creates a horizontal break in the wall making it the perfect way to incorporate a feature. Consider bringing your floor tile up onto the face and top of the ledge and switching to something different above the ledge. This could be a contrasting tile, or waterproof VJ panels, the options are endless.
  • As opposed to the shower niche, ledges do not have a top side meaning you are not restricted by the size of your shampoo bottles. Not to mention, you’ll have less of those pesky aluminium trims!
  • If your bathroom layout allows, a shower ledge can be extended out to incorporate your vanity or behind your freestanding bath, providing continuous storage.
  • Budget-wise, the tiled shower ledge will cost you around the same as a niche, so no compromising for your your budget is necessary!

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Insider Tips

  • Got upcoming visitors? Style your shower ledges with boutique bathroom products and a small pot plant for freshness.
  • We recommend having your shower niche built at a height of 1100-1200mm high and a depth of 70-90mm. This should give you enough space for any required shower products.
  • If your shower ledge is to be located on the same wall as your shower rail it pays to check that your chosen showerhead has enough reach so that you don’t have water pooling on your ledge every day.

So is this the end of the road for the shower niche? Not necessarily, but there are certainly other options out there that are just as practical, and can give your shower that (l)edge you are looking for!