Custom housing deserves custom air management

Custom housing deserves custom air management

A custom home doesn’t just mean custom external and internal design. The inner workings of the home can be fine tuned, too, providing full control of the layout and workings of your perfect house.

Despite Australia experiencing some of the hottest summer temperatures anywhere in the world, University of Sydney researchers have found that housing constructed to cope. According to one researcher, homes trap heat “like a plastic bag”, and new building codes are in dire need of provisions to encourage better heat management.

As an owner or designer of a custom home, this is one area where improvements can be easily identified. The result is a well designed and very comfortable home.

Sizing up the job

Air conditioning should not be underestimated in cost. According to consumer watchdog Choice, you’re looking at up to $586 per year to run a system. It makes sense, then, to get it right the first time and reduce costs from wasted heat. Factoring in installation is important too, as labour costs can rack up over the days taken to install a system.

Picking the product

There is a huge market for air conditioning and heat management equipment in Australia given the latent heat of the country. Some opinions, including one piece in The Australian, think that it’s actually better to give yourself over to the summer heat and get used to it. For the modern home, many manufacturers are now gearing their products towards good aesthetic style. Daikin, LG and Loop have systems that, crucially, focus on the exterior being attractive, rather than the old-school grey boxes swarming many homes across the world.

Looking to smart technology

Smart technology is downsizing old products and making them run with greater efficiency. This is of huge interest to any new home build; whether using modern design or something more classic, the fact that less space is taken up provides more options for putting the home together. Portable tech is bringing it all together and makes self-maintenance easier.

For instance, CNET recently reported on the release of a total climate control system that could be managed intuitively and with full customisation by the owner. Similar systems have integration with popular home hub systems like Alexa and the Google Assistant. By allowing the home owner to completely manage the house cooling system without needing any technical management or repair from outside sources means that a self-installed AC system is sustainable.