Creating a mood board for your home

Creating a mood board for your home

Millions of ideas are floating around in your mind and pages and pages of magazine clippings lay in front of you. How do you make sense of it all and turn these ideas into a seamlessly designed home? It is time to create a mood board or two!


So what is a mood board?

In the design industry we use mood boards to collate our ideas and to tell a story of how our homes might look & feel.  Mood boards have been used since the beginning of time (almost!!!) and are a fantastic creative tool to inspire the thought process. 

Mood boards are usually created during the infancy of a project and are used to underpin a project through to completion. A mood board is a collation of images that represent the different areas throughout your home.  These images are the absolute ‘wish list’ for your dream home!

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What is the benefit of a mood board?

Mood boards are perfect for consolidating all of your ideas and culling anything that doesn’t really fit with the look or feel of your home. 

By creating a mood board you can really gauge how your home will feel in it’s entirety and have a clear direction of where your design is headed. 

By having a clearer vision, it is easier to make the more detailed and tougher decisions that you may not have considered, when designing and building a home.

How do I make a mood board?

Designers tend to use a variety of software programs to create beautifully designed mood boards, the most commonly used software being Photoshop and InDesign, however you can create a beautiful mood board at home without these programs, using Microsoft programs such as PowerPoint or Word. Or you can simply create a good ol’ fashioned poster using magazine cut outs / prints of your favourite ideas.

How do I arrange my mood board?

When designing your own mood boards it may be enough for you to create a mood board for the interior and then a separate board for the exterior. But if you are the more detailed type you may even like to break the interior down room by room, showing examples of the components in each room. 

When placing the images on your page it is best practice to start from the front of the home and work your way through.  By doing this the images will start reading as a journey and you will be able to begin to visualise how your home will look!

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