Are you ready for the storm season?

Are you ready for the storm season?

The Queensland summer has started! We can all feel the temperature going up, the pools are being used again and the air conditioning will be on non-stop. And of course when Queensland’s summer hits, that means storms! Storms are just part of the season but can bring inconvenience as well.

To prepare for all that comes with the higher temperatures and storms, we created a little checklist for you:

Clean the pool filter

Before the pool festivities can start, you need to clean the pool. An important aspect is ensuring the filters are functioning properly and the pool chemicals are in good order. There are quite a few regulations when it comes to pool chemicals, so make sure you are up-to-date with them.

Clean the air con filter

Make sure that your filters and vents of your air conditioning are clean. You don’t want them to contain any debris which will then be circulated around your home when turned on. To ensure you don’t pay more for electricity than necessary, make sure all windows and doors are closed so none of the cool air escapes.

In any case, it might be useful to get a professional to check your air conditioning unit to ensure it’s in good condition and won’t break down in the middle of summer.

Check your roof for loose items, corrosion or leaks

A quick check of your roof for loose screws can avoid any sheets being lifted through major storms. Secure any loose tiles or call on a professional to do a check to avoid any unwanted damage to your home.

Clear the gutters, downpipes and drains and check regularly

The downpipes and gutters will naturally collect debris over time. With storms comes a lot of rain in a short period of time which can cause overflowing and damage if blocked. In order to avoid this, make sure you regularly check your gutters, downpipes and drains so they are clear and the water can flow through properly without causing any issues.

Make sure shades, sails and awnings are properly fitted

Shades, sails and awnings are easily caught by the wind and with strong winds, the pressure can be immense. It’s important therefore to ensure they are fitted properly so they don’t come loose and break in the storm. Check with your installer what wind rating they are installed to. If the storm will exceed your rating you can pull down the shade or sail to avoid it coming loose or being damaged.

Trim the trees around your house

When a storm hits, sudden wind gusts can easily break off branches. These can land on your roof, car or other things around the house and cause damage. Trim the trees – it significantly lowers the chance of damage to your property during a storm. Remember to never touch a tree after a storm if it has pulled down power lines; call Energex so the power can be turned off.

Secure loose items in the yard

The wind easily picks up or blows over any loose items around your home. You don’t want anything flying around causing damage to your home or your neighbours. Therefore, make sure everything is secured before the event.

Get your insurance up-to-date

Accidents do happen, no matter how well you are prepared. In that case, your insurance can be of great value, so make sure all relevant insurances are up-to-date before the storm season starts!

Have a storm kit ready

Download Storm Kit Checklist