Adapting to change: How a global pandemic is shaping our future homes

Adapting to change: How a global pandemic is shaping our future homes
What a time we’re living in! Our world is changing, and rapidly too. As always in the construction industry we must adapt to the current climate, in whatever form that may be. With such a shift in how we’re living our day to day lives, how we design our homes going forward has indeed changed too.
So, what will home design look like as we move through the pandemic and come out the other side?
Houses over High-Rises
High density housing serves its purpose, we’re looking at you down-sizers and young professionals, but lockdown in a shoebox is no fun for anyone. And in a time where hygiene is everything, apartment living can make it especially hard to reduce contact with shared surfaces and neighbours in close vicinity.
With this in mind, there is certainly a renewed appreciation for having your own slice of land and building a personal (hygienic) sanctuary. Whether you have acreage or a small inner city block, Kalka has a home perfect for you. 
Get more space, with less space – go up!
Not everyone has the luxury of owning a sprawling parcel of land. If you’re building on a small or narrow block, simple additions such as raising your ceiling heights and creating double storey voids in your new home design can make a huge impact, increasing your sense of spaciousness and creating an abundance of natural light.


Home is the new Workplace
One of the biggest learning curves of late is that a sudden need to work from home and attempting to home school can be somewhat chaotic if we’re not set up to do so. Even as we ease back to normality there will be many of us working from home on a regular basis, and there will be a big increase in requests for study nooks and home offices.
In designing these spaces going forward, it’ll be more than just a desk and a chair, there will be a big emphasis on personal comfort. Things like task lighting, sound insulation and built-in technology are going to be at the forefront of designing a home office.

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Versatility is Key
Multi-purpose spaces in general will increase in popularity. Garages that double as home gyms, guest bedrooms that convert to home offices and kitchen islands with built-in tech elements so you can supervise homework while you cook dinner.
Any space can be multi-functional with the right planning and as we’ve recently learned, we never know when we might need an extra work space!
Bringing the Outdoors in
If lockdown and isolation has proven anything, it’s that we humans are no good at staying put for more than a few days. But when we are forced to stay home, wouldn’t it be nice to feel like we’re not missing out on the great outdoors.
Indoor/Outdoor connection in architecture is not a new concept (refer; Frank Lloyd Wright) but a new found deeper appreciation for nature is upon us. Incorporating elements such as skylights and larger doors and windows can help us connect with the outdoors when we’re inside.


Indoor courtyards and garden features are a great way to connect to the outside, not to mention the extra natural light. We can certainly see these being incorporated into more upcoming designs, and we’re not mad about it!
We’re not doomsday prepping just yet, but the pandemic has certainly got us thinking about the benefits of being set up for a self-sufficient future.
We expect to be seeing more homes with solar panels, rain water tanks, vegetable gardens, generators and water/air filtration services. 
Germophobes unite!
Let’s be real, everyone is a germophobe during a pandemic. But how do we combat this when considering a new build? Touch-less technology (aka wizardry). The less surfaces we touch with our hands, the less we come into contact with anything untoward.
Blum SERVO-DRIVE systems allow you to open your base cabinets and integrated kitchen bins with a bump of the knee. Especially helpful when your hands are full.


Smart appliances such as WIFI connected ovens, auto-opening fridges and motion sensor sink mixers will all continue to increase in popularity. Not to mention the smart toilet; once an extravagant feature, is now becoming the hottest product on the market!
Playful and Peaceful Homes
More than ever our homes need to be a place where we want to spend copious amount of time.
A big emphasis will be put on creating homes that are playful for the whole family, with the addition of rumpus/play rooms, colourful decoration and common spaces for the family to congregate.


Peaceful relaxation zones are just as important, being able to separate your work and home life even when you do both from the same place! Think separate balconies off the master bedroom, private leafy courtyards, reading nooks and day spa vibes in the ensuite.

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With all of that being said, drop us a comment below and let us know; would you implement any of these ideas when building a new home? Let’s discuss!