5-bedroom styling tips for your guest bedroom

5-bedroom styling tips for your guest bedroom

A cozy and comfortable guest bedroom is key to making sure guests feel comfortable in your home. Here are five tips for styling your guest bedroom.

A cozy inviting bed

The first thing your guests will notice and remember about your guest bedroom is the bed. There is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed, but being welcomed with a plush, cozy and inviting bed is always something to be thankful for. You can do this by investing in good quality sheets that feel good to the touch and will last. We suggest cotton or linen.

Create texture and fullness by adding different sized cushions and a throw. Stick to a theme - whether your going for a minimalistic earthy vibe you might use a faux fur throw and linen cushions, or add in pops of colour and pattern with velvet cushions and textured throws.


Country Bedroom featuring bed with olive linen by Temple & Webster

Storage space

Ideal for all spaces, extra storage space is a great way to make guests feel like their belongings are being tended too. Using items such as ottomans, trays and storage baskets are not only functional but aesthetically look great too. Help your guests feel at home by stashing extra towels, blankets and even robes in these storage spaces.


Wire basket holding striped throw and two cushions

A nightstand

A good bedside table is the essence of making a bedroom feel complete - you can get really creative with ideas in styling and using non-traditional items such as stools, a stack of books or magazines, a small ladder, the possibilities are endless! Style the night stand with homely items such as plants, magazines and add your own personal touches with room sprays, soaps and other personal care items.


Grey fabric bed with cushions and a timber side table


A good rug

Rugs are really important in creating a sense of warmth, comfort and texture in any room. This one is really a no brainer and such an easy way to elevate any room. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs or play around with different finishes. Jute or woven rugs are a timeless option that will create the perfect base to style your guest room around

Global Bedroom photo by Temple & Webster


Lighting is the perfect way to set the mood for your guests and a great styling opportunity. It’s important your guests feel like they can control the ambience of the space - you don’t have to stick to the usual bedside table lamp but can instead opt for floor standing lamp or hanging pendants as a stylish alternative.

Grey upholstered bedhead l Hanging light next to bed l Timber stool as side table l White, Grey and Copper Bedroom