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To bank or to broker? The differences when getting a home loan

When wanting to build a new home is a bank or a mortgage broker better for your home loan? We've put together a summary of the differences.

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Building your own automated smart home

It’s 2018 and everyone seems to be time poor - or at least looking for ways to be more efficient and save time. As science and technology move headfast into the 21st century we’re embracing a new level of home automation – a concept that seemed like sci-fi only a few decades ago.

Home automation systems control lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances as well as home security access and alarm systems. They can be centralised and programmable or consist of decentralised and isolated controls such as motion sensors and light controls.

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Pre-construction documentation – what plans to expect when building a pre-designed home

So much goes into building a new home - we thought we'd make things simple by outlining the plan phases involved in a pre-designed new home process.

For a typical new home, there are three unique stages during the pre-construction phase where you will need to sign off plans. For a custom home build, there are more design and documentation stages.

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Considerations when embarking on a new home building journey

Our new home consultants are often the first team member you’ll meet on your new home building journey.

We sat down with Barry, one of our long standing consultants, who shared three important things to consider when embarking on your build process.

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What is your interior design style and is it important?

Discovering your personal tastes and interior design style can be a lifelong journey. There is so much to consider – so how do you figure out which one is yours?

I completed a number of online quizzes and it’s apparently very clear that I’m transitional, polished casual, mid-century classic, urban funk and rustic combined – oh, and my spirit pattern is stripes.

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Why landscaping design is more important than you think

Going beyond impressive street appeal and presence, landscaping design can have a significant impact on your home and wellbeing.

We’ve outlined a few additional reasons that show the importance of considered landscape design.

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7 styles of windows

There are so many types and styles of windows available and when designing their dream home, our clients often ask what's what. We've identified a few of the most common window styles below:

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Choosing the right windows for your new home

With a huge array of styles, automation, privacy screening and energy efficiency options available today, choosing the right windows plays a major role in your home design decisions.

In order to select the right windows for your new home there are a few components that you should consider. Style and performance are factors that make up your windows.

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A tall order from buyers: do high ceilings mean higher prices?

Few architectural elements add immediate impact like a high ceiling. They deliver a more airy and spacious feel to a room but do they also heighten prices?

Higher ceilings have become the home owner’s expectation in recent years. The Building Code of Australia determines the minimum ceiling height for a habitable room is 2.4m and for a non-habitable room, like the laundry or bathroom, the minimum height is 2.1m.

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The importance of tie down and bracing

Tie down and bracing are an important aspect of any home building project as they ensure the home remains intact in the case of severe storms and weather events.

Prior to the home’s construction approval an engineer and certifier will determine the wind classification, which informs how much tie down and bracing is required. An accurate wind classification is essential to determine the installation standard required so the home is not compromised by environmental conditions.

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