What you should consider before buying a narrow or small lot

We love the challenge of building a four bedroom home on an inner-city small or narrow lot. The reduced space forces creativity and versatility of design and makes you think about every inch of space.

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Start preparing now to move into your dream home by Christmas

Thought about building your dream home? It might seem a little ambitious but if you want to move in by Christmas 2019 you need to start preparing now.

Building a new home can take anywhere between 8 – 12 months. Check out this article for more information on home building timeframes.

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What classifies a small or narrow block in Brisbane?

The first thing to understand about the classification of small or narrow blocks is that they’re dependant on where you are.

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Minimalist homes have positive psychological effects, study finds

A well-designed, minimalist home has positive effects on the psychological well-being of those living in it, giving would-be homeowners more reason to have their homes built by experts. With 4.9 million Australians feeling stressed, coming home to a well-organised and beautiful home is now more important than ever - and this is without the studies that support the psychology of organisation and its ability to reduce stress. According to neuroarchitecture expert Eve Edelstein, architectural environment can influence the brain and either increase or decrease stress, which highlights and emphasises the importance of a well-designed home.

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Does all my cabinetry need to be 2PAC?


2PAC is a hardened paint finish that can be applied to cupboard doors and drawers.

Read here for more information on 2PAC.
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The difference between 2PAC and laminate

You may have heard the term 2PAC discussed when talking about finishes for cabinet doors in kitchens, bathrooms and other custom cabinetry within the home.

We often have people query exactly what it is and its distinctions between other finishes in the market.

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Interior design trends for 2019

Thinking of customising your dream home? There’s no better time to be updated on the latest trends in interiors.

High ceilings, open kitchens, and glass doors that let in floods of natural light are just a few ways to whizz your home into the New Year but comfort should be key. Awaken your inner aesthete with just a few of the top trends expected for 2019, selecting styles that show that beautiful design can indeed last a lifetime.

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Corrosion protection when building a new home on the coast

Corrosion can have a significant impact on homes that are built in coastal or marine environments.

In planning and constructing a new custom home in areas close to salt water, it’s vital to follow the appropriate protection requirements to sustain the harsh conditions of coastal environments. There are specific products outlined by the Australian Standards and the NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia (BCA) – Volume Two. Implementing the corrosion protection requirements for coastal conditions will add additional cost to your build but will significantly reduce maintenance costs long-term.

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Is the Hamptons style right for you?

The Hamptons look continues to grow in popularity, particularly throughout Queensland, with gabled weatherboard, timber windows and sweeping verandas lending themselves to the style.

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Will my appliances fit into my new kitchen?

Your new home is almost ready for handover so you’re mentally preparing for the move in and working out where your furniture and belongings will go. What about your whitegoods? Will they fit in the new kitchen?

Taking the example of a fridge, below are a number of worthwhile considerations to ensure your appliances fit and operate correctly.

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